Fe Metals partners with Opturion in Asia and in the steel industry to offer the only 21st century optimisation technology on the market. Traditional optimisation systems are based on linear programming, but that technology is 70 years old. More than 60 labour-years of research at two of the world’s leading universities, the University of Melbourne and Monash, has allowed Opturion to develop a better way.

The Opturion platform is flexible and accurate, able to process new inputs as circumstances change and quickly come up with the best decisions. In the age of Big Data, success depends on knowing how to use the information at your fingertips.

The Opturion Platform uses high-level mathematical and computational modelling to predict the unpredictable. Backed by the latest research in hybrid constraint solving, the platform outshines its competitors by applying novel techniques from operations research and artificial intelligence. The platform models problems and maps them onto a wide range of sophisticated evaluation tools, including the Eureka Prize-winning Lazy Clause Generation solver.

In today’s world, there is a need to be flexible and schedules need to be dynamic to adjust for constant changes and shifting priorities. With Opturion, solutions are easy to modify or maintain as required, and the platform allows for rapid exploration of radically different solution approaches as circumstances change. This state of the art technology gives it a demonstrable edge over any other methodologies.

The Opturion platform is fully integrated with Excel and JSON and is compatible with almost all existing enterprise management software, thus making it easy to integrate into almost all systems. The option to have cloud based solutions eliminates or minimises hardware and software investments.